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wesaidgoodbye's Journal

amber jaime
13 October 1985
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dungeons and dragons.
final fantasy...

probably a few more things.
238, a-set, american football, apples in stereo, at the drive in, bauhaus, belle and sebastian, bon jovi, botch, bright eyes, built to spill, cardigans, cave-in, chocolate genius, chris issac, christian death, cinerama, cocteau twins, coldplay, cranberries, cursive, d&d, dark tranquility, david gray, dj krush, dj shadow, dumb waiters, echo and the bunnymen, elf power, elliott, elton john, engine down, enigma, enon, enya, examination of the..., extreme, faith and the muse, fantomas, flesh for lulu, forstella ford, frente, frontline assembly, fugazi, galexie 500, her space holiday, hive, hot hot heat, hot snakes, hum, ida, ides of space, in my eyes, james iha, james taylor, japancakes, jejune, journey, joy division, juno, ladytron, le tigre, looper, love and rockets, low, luscious jackson, lush, magic, massive attack, mercury program, minus the bear, moby, mod, modest mouse, morphine, my bloody valentine, neutral milk hotel, pedro the lion, piebald, placebo, portishead, portrait, queen, quilting, radiohead, rainer maria, san francisco, sarasota, sigur ros, silverchair, simon and garfunkle, slowdive, sneaker pimps, social d, sonic youth, starsailor, sublime, sundays best, superstitions of the sky, switchblade symphony, the anniversary, the appleseed cast, the beachwood sparks, the beatles, the black heart procession, the burgundy romance, the dandy warhols, the dears, the electric hellfire club, the faint, the gentle waves, the gloria record, the goodlife, the lilys, the london suede, the magnetic fields, the notwist, the pixies, the postal service, the promise ring, the secret stars, the silver mount zion, the smashing pumpkins, the van pelt, thursday, tortoise, touch and go, trembling blue stars, type o negative, van halen, velvet acid christ, vincent gallo, voltaire, wheat, wolfsheim, yo la tengo